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Terraform module: Azure network

As a technical fellow I thrive on sharing my knowledge with others, I like to help others succeed in their field and understand what I've been so thankful to learn mostly from experience, others and by getting my hands dirty, doing a lot of mess, and then clean up after myself, I would say one of and the most efficient way to learn something is to get your hands dirty, fail by doing and figure out what you did wrong and then learn from it.

In this Terraform Azure module, I gather a few resources that I've been using for a while to create and deploy an Azure network, I looked around the internet and public code repositories and didn't find a module that had all these options and resources in one module.

So I decided to develop one myself, first and foremost to document my work so it doesn't get lost in an endless flow of information and code, learn something while developing, and especially documenting the code and the module, as that took a longer time than writing and testing the code, and last but not least a hope that this will at least help someone out there making their work a tiny bit easier or at least help moving forward with similar challenges.

The module deploys a few network resources, it deploys Azure virtual network, subnets that are defined in the code, variables, and even in terraform local, network security groups, inbound and outbound rule sets, route tables, and routes, it has an option to associate already created Azure DDoS Protection plan to the virtual network, as it didn't make any sense creating the DDoS plan within the module as there is a limitation on creating only one Azure DDoS Plan Protection per region at the moment.

Feel free to have a look at the module, what it does, and use it by all means.

As this is my first blog post here, I want to thank you for reading and I hope you found this short article useful, stay tuned for more to come, and as always please leave your comments below.

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